About Us

Our goal is to make every supplier diversity and small business program  accessible to all individuals and entities around the globe.

Our idea started after learning that nearly 15% of Tier I suppliers report their Tier II spend incorrectly on a monthly basis. In an effort to solve this issue, we create a system to accurately track supplier diversity and small business spend as well as report it seamlessly to Tier II customers. As the years went by, we found that the issue behind the incorrect spend was accessing and managing conflicting customer reporting information. In addition to Tier II reporting, suppliers also have registration mandates that can easily become overwhelming.

A simple solution was and is needed to help create a better industry for Customers and their suppliers. A simple streamlined process industry wide.

After connecting with hundreds of companies, we were able to gain support from over 130 organizations for our idea, with major support coming from the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council:'s Automotive Industry Group.

Why Us?

Did you know that almost 20% of supplier diversity / small business program websites are updated each month (not including bid lists).  Our team is well versed in the process of doing business with large, medium, and small scale enterprises.    We challenge any and all persons to find a resource as large and up-to-date as our listings covering small business and supplier diversity programs, affiliate organizations, and industry groups.  We make it a priority to not only provide the most current information on these topics, but also answer any questions along the way.

Any Questions?  Give us a call at 313.473.7678 or simply head over to our contact page HERE