Meet Jaymie

Jaymie White is committed to supporting small business.  Since graduating from college in 2010, Mr White has focused his career on helping large corporations manage and connect with small and diverse suppliers.  As a co-founder of Diversity Reporting Solutions (DRS), LLC, Mr White has almost a decade of experience in the fields of supplier reporting, registration, purchasing operations and more.   In addition to his responsibilities at DRS, Mr White is also the lead editor and founder of Global Diversity News (now Supplierty News) 

The Idea

It's hard to explain the exact moment, Supplierty became an idea.  Like most things in life, the concept grew clearer over time.  Through years of experience in customer Tier II reporting and completing hundreds of registration portals, the need for one place to host all the necessary information became evident.  A standardized Tier II reporting process is something that is constantly thrown around in the industry but never seriously acted on.  With the creation of Supplierty, ideas such as a streamlined Tier II process and registration, and simple supplier diversity and small business program explanations can now become a reality at the click of a button.

Interview with Joset Wright-Lacy, the President of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)

Interview with Cassandra Dorrington, the President of the Canadian Aboriginal Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC)