Scholars prove that diversity is not inherently dangerous….yay!

In reading the recent Washington Post article asking the question “Is diversity inherently dangerous”, I was reminded of the Social Network scene in which Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) checked the math of the prosecuting attorney when she calculated 19,000.00 for her defendant, as shown below.

Now although I understand the need for empirical evidence in all things uncertain, the fact that questions to whether blacks and whites can inherently get along are being raised is a bit ridiculous.  The article essentially breaks down diversity as a man made definition that has been used to divide groups in an effort for establishing dominance.  While diversity, similar to religion or education can be used for evil purposes, it is not inherently evil.

My response is “of course it isn’t”.  It’s a sad time when things of this nature have to be researched and analyzed however.  It would be like having to research other universal truths such as, if you stop breathing for 24 hours will you live.  But alas, as the article points out, some people do believe that a cleansing of different peoples will make for a more prosperous society.  There are countless examples throughout history of different people getting along with no problem.  Only when perceived struggle and strife occur do groups turn on the minority of a society and blame them for it.

Yesterday it was the Irish and Italians, today it’s the Mexican’s and Muslims, and tomorrow it will be two other groups that start with the same letter.

Washington Post