The Fortune 500’s difficult relationship with diversity and inclusion

by Ray Hayes What if I told you that Supplierty News was committing funding to increase  diversity within our staff,? What if I also included a list of initiatives to further our mission?   Would you believe our effort is genuine or would you need statistics to back up our narrative?  Unfortunately for many Fortune 500 companies, diversity … Read more

What is Latinx?

I recently learned about the word Latinx, a term referring to the Latino American LGBT community.  On tonight’s episode, I wanted to give my thoughts on the word and discuss its future within other cultures.

Bethune Cookman Should never have chosen Betsy Devos as its Commencement Speaker

Betsy Devos, Sec. Of Education, gave the commencement speech at Bethune Cookman and was completely embarrassed. Should the school have replaced her as the speaker or should the students have been more respectful? Tonight I will be giving my answer to this question and giving more feedback on the subject. Please tune in

#WeAreNMSDC Podcast: New York / New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council

On today’s #WeAreNMSDC Podcast, we chat with Terrence Clark, President of the New York / New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council (NYNJMSDC).  The NYNJMSDC is an affiliate organization under the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) umbrella and serves minority and corporate members throughout the New York and New Jersey regions.  Clark sits down with us … Read more

#WeAreNMSDC Podcast: A3i – Helping Patients in their hour of need

Today we release another episode of the #WeAreNMSDC Podcast campaign.  Before we begin, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for following the weekly podcast thus far!  Without your support we could not have reached so many listeners to date. For today’s episode, we sit down with Jorge Amaro, President and … Read more

President Trump’s New Executive Order Promotes Religious Liberty

President Trump recently promised to destroy the President Johnson amendment and provide religious organizations with the right to freedom of speech. Today I will discuss why the new executive order is needed in today’s political climate. Soundcloud Youtube

Gender Diversity and the Corporate Boardroom

Discovering ways to increase a company’s profit margin is crucial in today’s bottom line driven economy.  One of the ways profit is measured is a corporate’s ROE or return on Equity.  According to the global research firm MSCI ESG, companies with “strong female representation on boards generated a Return on Equity of 10.1% per year … Read more

$495!!! Big Baller Brand isn’t for the cheap, and that’s Ok

Lavar Ball stated in a recent interview that, if you can’t afford his son’s $495 shoe then it isn’t for you. And he is right. Today Ray Hayes discusses why there isn’t anything wrong with how Ball priced his son’s new shoe and why it’s great marketing. Youtube   Soundcloud