Bethune Cookman Should never have chosen Betsy Devos as its Commencement Speaker

Betsy Devos, Sec. Of Education, gave the commencement speech at Bethune Cookman and was completely embarrassed. Should the school have replaced her as the speaker or should the students have been more respectful? Tonight I will be giving my answer to this question and giving more feedback on the subject. Please tune in

Did UCLA low ball Hollywood’s diversity gains?

Criticism is not always a bad thing. When dealing with statistics that many people hold near and dear, it is sometimes ok for differing parties to see the same number and come to different conclusions. I truly believe that this is what happened in conjunction with UCLA’s diversity report of Hollywood for the 2014-15 year. … Read more

Why is Betsy DeVos so hated in Education?

The running joke under the Trump administration is that President Trump appointed head of departments based on the level of hate they have for said department. The two biggest examples constantly held up are Scott Pruitt and Betsy DeVos. Both have had awful things to say about the departments they now head with DeVos going … Read more

Harvard Business School creates new course focused on black entrepreneurship

Harvard Business School is one of the premier institutions focusing on the development of future business leaders.  Despite its pedigree, the school does not have as much of a balanced curriculum as a person like myself would hope.  According to former Harvard Business School graduate Steven Rogers, less “than 1 percent of the 10,000 case studies … Read more

Should Ivy League schools receive Federal Funding?

Ivy League schools cost taxpayers more than $41 billion from fiscal year 2010 to fiscal year 2015. With a combined Bank Account of $120 billion one has to wonder why they receive so much support. We discuss the recent “Open the Books” report and give our thoughts on the subject 1) With continued donations at … Read more

Should Ivy League schools receive Federal Funding if they are receiving billions of dollars from tax payers?

What do all Ivy League schools have in common (besides conference and east coast locations)?  Well, it seems that tens of billions of American tax dollars are rolling into them frequently.  The tax dollar sum received by these education institutions is so high it totals more than the tuition received from undergraduate students! The nonprofit, … Read more