$495!!! Big Baller Brand isn’t for the cheap, and that’s Ok

Lavar Ball stated in a recent interview that, if you can’t afford his son’s $495 shoe then it isn’t for you. And he is right. Today Ray Hayes discusses why there isn’t anything wrong with how Ball priced his son’s new shoe and why it’s great marketing. Youtube   Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/user-668352643/495-big-baller-brand-isnt-for-the-cheap-and-thats-ok

Should Victoria’s Secret eliminate it’s #WhatisSexy campaign?

Earlier this week Julia Roberts was selected as People Magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”. With the release of Victoria Secret’s #WhatisSexy campaign the trend seems to continue with an archetype of “sexy” and “beauty” re-affirmed by its female selections. But is that really an issue? Let’s take a step back and consider the Julia Roberts … Read more