President Trump’s New Executive Order Promotes Religious Liberty

President Trump recently promised to destroy the President Johnson amendment and provide religious organizations with the right to freedom of speech. Today I will discuss why the new executive order is needed in today’s political climate. Soundcloud Youtube

The merger of Politics and Religion

by Ray Hayes Last Wednesday, President Trump promised to “destroy” President Johnson’s amendment which prevents churches and religious organizations from endorsing political candidates.   According to CNN, an earlier version of the order allowed for discrimination against the LGBT community. “The order stops short of offering broad exceptions for groups to deny services based on religious … Read more

California raises fuel taxes to pay for roads. Now Trump considers similar options

President Trump promised to dedicated $1 trillion towards infrastructure under his administration.  As the President looks to follow through on his many promises, Trump is looking for alternative ways to pay for his campaign guarantees. In an odd coincidence, Bloomberg has reported that President Trump is “open to the idea” of taxing gas prices in … Read more

President Trump questions if the Civil War was necessary

President Trump is not your typical President.  He’s not afraid to ask questions that most people wouldn’t consider to ask.  For example renegotiating an outdated trade agreement like NAFTA could benefit the country immensely if done right.  Other topics like the Civil War, probably shouldn’t be questioned as much. In an interview with the Washington … Read more

Meet Kevin O’Leary, Canada’s Donald Trump

Kevin O’Leary has a lot in common with America’s President elect Donald Trump. He’s running for Prime Minister under the conservative banner, he’s a former businessman turned reality TV star, and he has come under scrutiny for sexually harassing women. A decade ago O’Leary may not have been considered a serious candidate for Prime Minister, … Read more