Google and the future of India

Google’s new program, Digital Unlocked, is looking to bring millions of Indian small businesses online by offering free tutorials on how to setup and run a free website.  According to a Google-KPMG report, as “of 2015, almost 70 percent of India’s 51 million SMBs had no online presence.”  With these numbers, if Google can bring … Read more

Meet Kevin O’Leary, Canada’s Donald Trump

Kevin O’Leary has a lot in common with America’s President elect Donald Trump. He’s running for Prime Minister under the conservative banner, he’s a former businessman turned reality TV star, and he has come under scrutiny for sexually harassing women. A decade ago O’Leary may not have been considered a serious candidate for Prime Minister, … Read more

Demographic Trends spell trouble for China, but success for America

Americans love to complain about the negative outlooks of the future.  But despite the great divide along gender, race, and political lines, the country is actually the best positioned to succeed moving into 2035 (demographically speaking).  In 2015 Nicholas Eberstadt, one of the world’s leading political economists and demographers, brought lots of data and research to … Read more

Have Australian companies desensitized gender diversity?

The word desensitize means to make less sensitize; free (someone) from a phobia by gradually exposing the person to the thing that is feared. AMP Capital argues that Australian corporations are at risk of stalling on gender diversity due to their desensitization of the issue.  They, being Australia’s top corporations, have made gender diversity less … Read more