Meet Kevin O’Leary, Canada’s Donald Trump

Kevin O’Leary has a lot in common with America’s President elect Donald Trump. He’s running for Prime Minister under the conservative banner, he’s a former businessman turned reality TV star, and he has come under scrutiny for sexually harassing women.

A decade ago O’Leary may not have been considered a serious candidate for Prime Minister, but now with the reality age among us, he is a front runner to represent the conservative agenda for Canadians. O’Leary recently criticized Prime Minister Trudeau’s push for diversity, claiming he valued diversity over competence. According to O’Leary “He has built up a caucus and a cabinet full of incompetent and mediocre leaders because he only listened to the siren call of diversity without even looking at competence.”

While O’Leary doesn’t knock the promotion of women, he does knock how Trudeau went about it. “I don’t have a problem bringing women into large files. I want competence.”

And just what was his response about the sexual harassment allegations? “I know Canadians know the difference between reality TV and policy.”. Yup sounds the future leader of Canada to me.