#WeAreNMSDC Podcast: A3i – Helping Patients in their hour of need

Today we release another episode of the #WeAreNMSDC Podcast campaign.  Before we begin, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for following the weekly podcast thus far!  Without your support we could not have reached so many listeners to date.

For today’s episode, we sit down with Jorge Amaro, President and CEO of the new yet innovative A3i.  A3i is a Healthcare company that partners with customers to provide patient focused solutions that leverage innovation to help improve a person’s quality of life. These solutions include Patient Services and Authorizations, Analytics, and Actionable Insights.  Amaro talks with us about his passion for helping others and his 34 years of experience within the health and pharmaceutical industry.  He explains the benefits of A3i and why every patient in today’s market needs help with managing their daily care.

To learn more about Jorge and A3i, simply listen to the podcast!!!! For a brief summary of our conversation, check out the 5 Fast Facts section below.


A3i Podcast
0:54 Who is Jorge Amaro?
2:42 When did you realize you wanted to help people in the Healthcare industry?
6:35 Tell us about A31.
8:52 How do you shorten the authorization process from months to a week or less?
11:59 Can you tell us the benefits of being a certified NMSDC company?
14:56 How will A3i grow over the next two years? What position will it hold within the Healthcare industry?
24:09 NMSDC and Final Thoughts.

WeAreNMSDC 5 Facts about A3i

  1. Jorge Amaro has a SERIOUS passion for serving others (34 years).  To learn more about his experience in the industry and what drove him towards his passion, take a listen to his controversial call on the release of Dilantin (a prescription which helps to treat and prevent seizures) at 2:38
  2. A3i helps to shortened authorization time for surgeries (based on what your Healthcare covers). The process can be cut down from months of waiting to 3 – 7 days.  In addition, A3i can take hospital papers and create a series of instructions that patients can follow by accessing the A3i mobile application.
  3. A3i works with over 150 different health plans and operates in all 50 states, working with national and local payers.  They also have a database of over 10 million transactions which gives doctors the opportunity to ‘manage by fact’ to help patients.
  4. Amaro believes that the role of the patient in healthcare is changing (see 15:35). According to Amaro, patients are much more informed in the healthcare process and want to be apart of the solution in a shared decision model to create an Optimal Healthcare Plan.  Because of this, healthcare will be based more on outcome rather than the amount of patients a physician sees.
  5. Being a certified NMSDC business works!  The certification has helped A3i register with 33 large corporations and led to conversations with 4 of them. The certification has also resulted in business from corporations met through the NMSDC network.

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