The Fortune 500’s difficult relationship with diversity and inclusion

by Ray Hayes What if I told you that Supplierty News was committing funding to increase  diversity within our staff,? What if I also included a list of initiatives to further our mission?   Would you believe our effort is genuine or would you need statistics to back up our narrative?  Unfortunately for many Fortune 500 companies, diversity … Read more

Gender Diversity and the Corporate Boardroom

Discovering ways to increase a company’s profit margin is crucial in today’s bottom line driven economy.  One of the ways profit is measured is a corporate’s ROE or return on Equity.  According to the global research firm MSCI ESG, companies with “strong female representation on boards generated a Return on Equity of 10.1% per year … Read more

A constantly updated list providing businesses cases for workplace diversity

Caroline Turner is a Principal at, DifferenceWORKS, LLC, an organization that “helps leaders leverage the diversity of today’s workforce.”  In her spare time she is also a contributor to Huffington Post.  One of Turner’s many contributions has been collecting and updating a running list of business cases made for the support of diversity in the … Read more

HP’s Reinvent Mindsets campaign looks to improve diversity hirings

HP’s new campaign “Reinvent Mindsets” is looking to raise awareness for diversity hiring.  According to the company “When qualified for a job, African-Americans are 3x more likely to experience a denial.”  The 3x is an interesting statistic as I’m sure many black Americans have wondered why they were turned down for jobs they felt they … Read more

Hiring regulations cost small businesses over $11,000 each year

Not all regulation is necessary.  According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation “final federal agencies small business regulations have increased to more than 88,000 in the past 22 years. Of these rules, 15,458 have been identified by federal agencies as having a negative impact on small businesses.”  The issues with over regulation in hiring practices … Read more

Is Slack hitting the “tech wall” for diversity hiring?

When it comes to workplace diversity in tech, Slack has always been an industry leader.  The company, which is known for its enterprise chat software, constantly measures its diversity gains through partnerships with organizations like Code2040, Year Up and Project Include in an effort “to find more candidates with underrepresented backgrounds and develop strategies for the … Read more

Office Depot Releases annual Diverse Supplier Catalog

by Ray Hayes Office Depot has released their annual diverse supplier catalog. The catalog features a list of products sold by diverse vendors and highlights an assortment of more than 2,000 items. Office Depot holds the title as the first office supply company to release a catalog highlighting diverse suppliers.  The first catalog being released … Read more

Diversity in tech is a big opportunity for a some startups

by Ray Hayes We can all agree that diversity in tech is a big problem.  Asian Americans represent about 14 percent of tech employees while Hispanics, women and black Americans represent an even smaller percentage.  While many programs have been created to solve the issue, most have resulted in little to no change in increasing techs diversity.  Still … Read more

Do mandatory diversity programs work?

No…but very few mandatory business programs in general.  Outside of things like healthcare for employees (which is a direct benefit to workers), there aren’t many things company employees will volunteer to do for free…..and supporters of these concepts shouldn’t take it personally.  Increasing the efficiency of a business is a delicate dance involving many steps, and … Read more