#WeAreNMSDC Podcast Episode 5: Three Leaf Productions – Family Values

On the fifth episode of the #WeAreNMSDC Podcast campaign, we chat with Ron Stokes, President & CEO of Three Leaf Productions / HM Marketing, LLC.  Before we begin, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for following the weekly podcast thus far!  Without your support we could not have reached so many listeners to date.

Three Leaf Productions / HM Marketing, LLC is a full service marketing firm focusing on print media, marketing and creative services, and warehouse fulfillment.  On today’s episode, Stokes discusses his 14 years of business experience, the importance of mentorship, and why family is critical to the success of his business.

To learn more about the organization, simply listen to the podcast!!!! For a brief summary of our conversation, check out the 5 Fast Facts section below.


0:30 The Ohio State University and the school up north.
1:23 How The Jeffersons convinced Ron Stokes to become a business owner.
3:11 Starting a business in 2003.
5:20 How has Three Leaf productions evolved over the past 14 years?
7:08 What are the benefits and challenges of working with family members?
10:46 Creating a succession plan for a business
12:33 How does Three Leaf Productions utilize the offerings of NMSDC and the OhioMSDC
14:44 Tips / Advice from Ron Stokes on attending an NMSDC function
17:55 What are some of the challenges Three Leaf Productions faces over the next year?
19:25 Chasing the carrot with your customer.
20:27 Every person needs a mentor
21:22 Final Thoughts

WeAreNMSDC 5 Facts about Three Leaf Productions

  1. Ron Stokes started out as a salesman for one of the largest family owned newspaper organizations in Columbus, Ohio.  Stokes was really good at his job, finishing in the Top 5 every year for over a decade.
  2. Ron Stokes is all about mentorship. When starting Three Leaf Productions, a mentor who had been successful with his own business helped Stokes create the structure for his business.
  3. Three Leaf Productions is a proud family owned business, employeeing Ron Stokes, his wife, children and cousins. They do not strictly hire family members however and are always open to employing talent from all over
  4. Maximizing the benefits of your NMSDC certification is all about engagement. Since 2003, Three Leaf Productions has never missed a national function.
  5. Books are important! Not just business books, but personal relationship books as well. Ron Stokes suggests the following 2 books for business owners looking to improve themselves moving forward: 1) How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and 2) Skill With People by Les Giblin

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