Linda McMahon is actually a big supporter of women in leadership

When Linda McMahon was selected as the head of the Small Business Administration, many people in the political world gasped.  Not that people considered the pick a negative (see Jeff Sessions and Scott Pruitt), but because no one knew much about the former CEO of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

When someone produces entertainment like wrestling, its easy to underestimate their ability at their craft.  Originally beginning as a 13 person shop, the WWE has blossomed into a world wide organization generating over $650 million in revenue last year.  As for Linda McMahon’s contribution to its success….well….no one’s exactly sure what she’s done.

The bigger personality is obviously her husband, Vince McMahon, current CEO and company onscreen villain.  But because of Linda’s quiet demeanor, no one is sure of her true worth for the company.  We do know a few things however.  First she’s very big into politics.  She ran twice for a  Senate seat in her home state of Connecticut, losing both times but spending $100 million in process.  She’s also donated “$7 million to super PACs backing Mr. Trump late in the campaign, including a $1 million donation a month before the election, according to federal election records.” (so much for Trump being against pay-for-play, but in his defense, what politicians is truly against it?).

Moreover, McMahon is against financial regulation, wants to cut the top business tax rate from 35% to 25%, backed Obama’s plan to combine the Department of Commerce and the SBA (although funny enough she’s not the only Cabinet member that at one pointed wanted to completely eliminate her  department), and lastly, is a BIG supporter of women’s leadership.

How big you ask?

Linda McMahon “is the co-founder and chief executive of Women’s Leadership Live, a two-year-old startup that focuses on leadership opportunities for women. ”  In addition, McMahon is “a major donor to the Women’s Business Development Council in Stamford, Conn., which provides training and education to business owners, and hosts two SBA programs aimed at women business owners.”

Linda has been accused of being out of touch with workers and not a business savant.  Whether these accusations are true or not will be on full display over the next 4 years.  Hopefully we will find that Mrs McMahon was an intricate part of WWE’s success and that her previous experience translates to the SBA.

Wall Street Journal